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Amazing this is the my first publish in my plan to have articles for node express in series. Now I’m gonna to start a node express project from scratch

What is node express

Node express is a web framework for nodejs. As a Frontend engineer, I believe you are quite familiar with javascript and nodejs runs V8 JavaScript engine. This means by node express, you can construct a backend service by javascript without another programming language despite it’s good to learn as more programming languages as possible. For other famous advantages of node express, I don’t want to specify more here.

What is typescript

Javascript is a…

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Application Programming Interface (API) is an interface of systems that permit other softwares or systems to access. Asynchronous javascript is mainstream of web frontend developing as fetching data between browsers and servers. Basically you must have knowledge about how to fetch data through API in your career. Here I would like to introduce how to use redux to encapsulate must of the API call in react app.

What’s the benefit to encapsulate API calls in the redux actions?

  1. The logic processing is separated from the components that render the UI. This make it much clear as managing components.
  2. Various data…

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In previous article Steps to create a npm project to develop an Reactjs app without create-react-app, we already setup a basic project to have reactjs + redux joined in. I plan to have another article demonstrate how to surfing in reactjs app according to URL. Before that, we gonna to setup a development server to utilize the browser history. Here I run node.js and install packages in vagrant guest os. I will show certain required changes in vagrant configuration file as well.

You can find the sample code in my github or follow this article step by step.


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It’s been 4 years from first time I use reactjs to be my major library on web SPA (single page application) developing. Recently due to covid-19, the business of the company I server is not so good. Good aspect is that now I have much time to record down my developing experience for the past 4 years.

First of all, why I would like to create a project without the help of create-react-app. Web app runs on all kinds of devices through browsers via internet. That means efficiency is very critical not only on certain low end devices but also…

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